I have completed my undergraduate degree in Media and Communications at ECU, and this gave me the opportunity to have my short documentary film broadcasted on channel 7 featuring, The Honourable Stephen Noel Dawson MLC, who supports documentary films featured in the Department of Parks and Wildlife. In addition, I did a documentary film about Ghost of Vincent that made it in the short films at The Revelation Film Festival in the City of Vincent.


I am currently finalizing my Masters at the WA Screen Academy specialising in editing and had the opportunity to edit a short film called 'Raw', a documentary film called ‘Single Use Planet’ and a client-based Aboriginal Performance film project called ‘Embers’

These opportunities have allowed me to extend my skills, explore creative ways, and implement different editing styles to tell a story and engage with a broad audience. Hence, I chose to study Film and Videos. Although the work is much tougher than I initially expected, I have worked extensive hours and found my real passion, recognising that my hard work and commitment has been very important and rewarding.


The above accomplishments give me the satisfaction that I could be an asset to various companies in the industry. As a student in Screen Academy, I have seen the importance of being an efficient team member, and how a strong team with mutual respect and a positive attitude results in excellent performance. 

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